Lunamei Loyalty

We know you deserve VIP status wherever your wanderlust heart takes you, so that’s why we have created the opportunity for you to receive the VIP treatment you deserve.

At Love Lunamei, we’re are about building a community and making sure you  — our fellow soul-seekers — not only receive a timeless treasure, but also receive lots of love through our rewards program (in the name of gold and silver bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings) for your loyalty.

Becoming a VIP with Love Lunamei is easy. LOVE is a currency that we believe is essential for any successful relationship & should be exchanged freely. So, for every purchase from our online store, you will receive a token of love from us. For every $10 spent you receive 1 Love Token = $1

Each time you fill the cart with your heart’s desires, we will fill your heart with tokens of love and appreciation. So the next time you wrap your arms around the checkout cart, you can use your Love Tokens to feel the love coming straight back at you.

At Love Lunamei we are all about spreading the Love, that’s why our amazing loyalty program also offers you opportunities to receive free love tokens as well, so be sure to join our newsletter to receive your first 10 Love Tokens for free. Make sure you have connected with us on Instagram, where you will receive even more Insta-Love from us.

Remember to create an account when you checkout to accumulate your love tokens and use them next time you come back to visit us x


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